You Should Be Skeptical…

Like you, we are also in the business of providing professional services. And, like you, we have invested a lot of money in advertising, sales training and referral programs that failed to get lasting results. However, we took the time to find out why.

10 Years of Study Lead to These Discoveries:

  • Traditional marketing is becoming decreasingly effective
  • Due to advertising overload, it is getting harder to get someone’s attention
  • Sending standard brochures and newsletters to prospects creates “attention erosion” and they quit opening your mail or emails over time
  • Prospects are becoming increasingly suspicious of new suitors who make big promises
  • It is getting harder to build trust with strangers
  • Marketing consultants and authors were all touting the future of “one-to-one marketing,” but not one of them mentioned any way to actually execute the concept
  • Rainmakers and salespeople who had “people skills” were the most effective at building and maintaining relationships
  • Those who maintained the most relationships enjoyed the lion’s share of the profitable accounts in their industry
  • When a prospect was referred to a service provider by someone he or she trusted, very little selling was involved to gain a commitment to buy

What We Did with What We Learned:

  • We quit writing, designing and printing standard brochures and newsletters for our clients
  • We replaced “buy from me!” messages with “here is something to help you” messages
  • We invented a web-based system (Cyrano) that made one-to-one marketing simple, fast and automatic
  • We approached America’s leading expert in relationships, interpersonal skills and sales training (Dr. Tony Alessandra) and forged a partnership
  • We negotiated the rights to teach Dr. Alessandra’s The Platinum Rule®
  • We co-authored a book with Dr. Alessandra: The Platinum Rule for Selling
  • We became an authorized reseller of Dr. Alessandra’s online behavioral profiling assessments
  • We integrated Cyrano and The Platinum Rule to create the world’s first turnkey business growth system that leverages predictable human behavior and new technology

What Our Discoveries May Do for You:

  • Eliminate all wasteful advertising expenditures and marketing efforts
  • Position you in your market as a company full of helpful, considerate authorities in your field of expertise
  • Automate nearly all of the communications required for you to build and maintain hundreds of relationships with prospects, clients and referral partners
  • Provide your staff with interpersonal skills that result in less tension, more cooperation, increase in morale, increase in workflow and higher client retention

Don’t Believe Us (or Anyone Else)…

Even though this site is full of testimonials from successful, famous business leaders, authors and experts, you should remain skeptical. After all, you don’t personally know those people, do you?

Even though more than 1,000,000 businesspeople have benefited from Dr. Alessandra’s books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars and speeches, you probably have not met one of them, have you?

Here is the best way to get the proof you need: Experience this first-hand! Call us and see what it feels like to be treated the way you want to be treated. No pressure… you’ll meet friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people who will take an active interest in your goals and challenges. Over time, you will “sell yourself” and decide to become our client.

Trust and timing are the two requirements for any sale to happen, and we don’t rush either one. We hope to hear from you soon.

Your Cyrano Group contact:
Scott Zimmerman
Phone: 330-848-0444 x2
Email: Scott(at)